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#ThatFace: Lauren Nicely

Happy weekend!!! I hope that you all have something nice planned or just have a weekend of full relaxation and/or laziness.  This makeup artist I can completely relate to.  She’s self taught and has amazing talent and is achieving many feats that many of us only wish we can get to.  (more…)

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Summer Luv Tag

It’s Monday, it’s early, and I’m still sleepy.  I think that’s everybody right now though :) During the weekend Debe tagged me on the Summer Lovin’ Tag and it’s now my turn to do the tag.

 The questions are simple too, which makes it that much easier, remember, I’m sleepy hehe.

1. Summer Lipstick you’re loving?
It would be my red with a hint of orange no name lipstick, no seriously, I don’t know…

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#ThatFace: Mariah Mae

The weekend is here and today I get to do something so totally fun and awesome! Today we have a fashion show for pretty much the kick off of Phoenix Fashion Week! Yay! I just love it! Today’s #ThatFace Honors are going to another fellow Makeup Artist and beauty blogger who’s website name always gives me the giggles :) I mean, c’mon, LipstickButts is pretty awesome! (more…)

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